eBook Cover Design

eBook Cover Design Tips

Getting noticed on the web is getting more and more difficult. Informational eBooks are prevalent.

If you have an important online document to sell, you want a professionally, custom designed eBook Cover to help your eBook stand out from the crowd.

A professional designer will take into consideration your web site design, your color scheme and the title of the document. And based upon these essential factors will create a powerful eCover that will promote and add value to your
document. An eCover design that will grab attention and tantalize the potential customer into wanting to see what’s inside.

  • Grab Attention
  • Perceived value boosts sales
  • Quality on the outside shows quality on the inside
  • Affordable yet professional
  • Create a memorable first impression
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“Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover” does not apply when it comes to eBooks.

1. The image is relatively small so try to keep your design simple. Too many objects will make the design look cluttered.

2. Use a large or wide font. Thin and small fonts will seem to disappear once you plug your image into the 3D template. Font choice depends on the title of your ebook. .
And do not use more than 3 Fonts throughout the design. Two is better.
Some of my favorite Fonts are:
  Arial Bold
  Arial Black
  Basic Sans Heavy
  Century Gothic Bold
  Century Gothic Schoolbook
  Fritz Regular
  Lucida Bright Demibold
  Monotype Corsiva
Be sure to make your title stand out.

  Round: informal, friendly
  Square: no-nonsense, preciseness
Save elegant for large one or two word titles.

3. Think about your color choices.

Blue: Stability, Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom, Integrity. Attorneys, Therapists. Physicians.

Red: Passion, Energy, Anger, Warning. Conveys action and movement.

Green: Money, Growth, Fertility, Healing.  Business, banks, investing.

Orange: Creativity, Determination, Success, Construction. Good for restaurants, menus, health.

Yellow: Cheery, Energy, Creativity. Landscaping, Teaching.

Purple: Power, Nobility, Spirituality. Yoga, Exercise, Prayer, clothing.

Brown: Conservative, Stable, Organic. Gardening, Fishing, Camping.

4. Make it Unique. Each eBook should have a one of a kind cover.

5. Use high quality images. 72 dpi set to a medium compression. You want your cover to load quickly but still remain sharp.

6. Make sure the cover accurately represents your ebook.
Don't choose a thick book cover if your ebook is just a 5 page report.

7. Add a bulleted list to point out the highlights in your document.

8. Remember to add your name as the author.

9. Start with an image and use colors from the image for the text.


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